Buying In Ibiza

If you have decided to buy a house in Ibiza, it has an incredible flavor. Visualizing the house of your dreams is one thing, finding the house of your dreams is another, but actually buying and creating the house of your dreams is … the dream. The bureaucracy in the Balearic Islands often does not facilitate the process and sometimes we feel that we are on a roller coaster caused by changes in policy and laws, lack of paperwork or overworked authorities.

We, at The Agency, do our best to gather all necessary legal information beforehand to provide the most transparent information. However, we recommend choosing a lawyer who is familiar with the current laws of the Balearic Islands and has experience in obtaining your answers in the fast lane to provide you with a fast and accurate due diligence. Therefore, we are providing a network of lawyers, architects, banks and agencies (administrative offices) that we love to share and connect with you.

We always keep in mind that I was looking for awesome places for our customers to buy or sell.
We make sure we know all the laws that can affect your movement and get in touch with the key players to get the best help.


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