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Luxury Homes in San Juan, Ibiza

On the North end of Ibiza is the quiet village known as “Sant Joan” or San Juan, Ibiza.
San Juan is one of these gems, isn’t quite as tourism oriented as some of the other villages in Ibiza with its steep twisty roads and calmer atmosphere.. For such a tiny village, there is ample parking everywhere including 2 free, public car-parks. It is home to a couple of traditional style bars, a cool, eco-style cafe and one particularly good Ibiza restaurant, The Giri Cafe.
Add a tobacconist, fishmongers, bank, bookshop, post office, hardware store and local supermarket and that, Ibiza lovers, is it. Let’s explore San Juan, Ibiza and see what real estate options await you.

Luxury Homes For Sale in San Juan

Can LLuca

San Juan

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Can Naxo

San Juan

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Living in San Juan, Ibiza

Relaxation is what it’s all about in San Juan, Ibiza. If you want to get in touch with your spiritual side and seek to live your healthiest life, then San Juan Ibiza is definitely the place for you. When you travel to San Juan, stay in a lovely luxury rental home or a nice Ibiza apartment, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and get your quiet on!

Amazing Things to See & Do in San Juan

If you’re in Ibiza, Spain to have the total party experience, then San Juan is probably not the place for you. If quiet relaxation is what you’re into, the San Juan is perfect for you! There is a famous artisan market every Sunday in San Juan that features live music and fresh, natural produce for sale. In fact, most of the products for sale at the weekend market in San Juan are eco-friendly.

San Juan Weather & Nightlife

San Juan, Ibiza isn’t as well-known for its raucous nightlife scene. There are some nice bars and restaurants, but they’re definitely on the quiet side. But there’s plenty of warm weather and sunshine to go around, so you’ll still be able to experience total relaxation as you take in those rays. TRAVEL TIP: Don’t forget your sunscreen!

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