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Homes For Sale in Cala Llonga, Ibiza

The beautiful beach at Cala Llonga comes complete with its own mini resort, making it a perfect place for a family vacation. If you and your family are looking to purchase a luxury home in Cala Llonga, Ibiza you’ll be living in a place well suited for beach activities and other outdoor fun. Cala Llonga offers great restaurants and other dining options, and you can get your shopping fix on at nearby stores like De Mil Amores and Mercadillo Sant Jordi. Discover what your life could be by browsing our beautiful luxury homes for sale in Cala Llonga today!

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Is Cala Llonga Quiet?

To sum it up in a couple of words—probably not. Well, maybe it is to the party crowd sprawled out on the beach trying to recover from last night’s fun. Cala Llonga is a popular resort spot for families with children, so loud squeals of delight are definitely part of the atmosphere. Having fun is what it’s all about in Cala Llonga!

How Long Is the Transfer from Ibiza Airport to Cala Llonga?

When you arrive at Ibiza Airport, you’ll be able to easily transfer to Cala Llonga via either bus or taxi. In light traffic, the almost 13-mile trip should take a little less than 30 minutes. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride and scenery.

Cala Llonga Weather

The average temperature in Cala Llonga usually hovers between 68°F and 77°F (or 20°C and 25°C), perfect for beach lovers. July and August are normally a tad warmer, and January is usually the coolest month. If you’re not a fan of rain we recommend that you avoid October for your visit, as that tends to be Cala Llonga’s dampest month.

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