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Rosa Van Stekelenburg


About Rosa Van Stekelenburg

In Amsterdam, I used to work in Media but architecture and houses always have been on top of my interest. During traveling different countries, architecture always draws my attention and I love to visit cities with either old or new buildings.

I moved to beautiful Barcelona in 2002 and made the crossover to Ibiza at the beginning of 2005 and stayed here since. Of course we do miss old architecture and culture here, but instead, there are many beautiful houses and finca’s in the middle of the stunning nature on our beloved island. It is a privilege to be able to live and work here in my favorite field of houses and to raise my children in a wonderful environment with many different nationalities. Sometimes it is as well difficult to survive and keep up with the constant changing laws and regulations. A real challenge, but a good one!



PHONE: +34 971 197 747

MOBILE: +34 647 174 070

FAX: +34 971 197 511




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